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The film Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino, depicts the story of “The Bride” played by Uma Thurman, who sets out on a quest to avenge her attempted murder and her unborn child’s death. The bride sets out to kill her old team of assassins, The Deadly Viper Squad, led by Bill, and her journey takes her to Japan to kill O-Ren Ishi, who was apart of the team that nearly killed her and killed and her baby. The film begins however, with the murder of Vernita Green (code name Cottonmouth), now a mother and clearly retired from her former assassin team, gets targeted by the bride in her own home and the film begins with her death.

This is a photo of the bride and Vernita Green (code name cottonmouth) fighting to the death in the very beginning of the film. (

This photo shows the fight between the bride and cottonmouth, and immediately the genre of the film is introduced. The genre of  Kill Bill is a thriller, essentially an adventure/action film, and this is the scene where the genre is introduced and portrayed to the audience. This photo also shows a bit of auteur theory because of the director, Tarantino. This is the first scene of the film where bloodshed is shown and this foreshadows the bloodshed in the rest of the film. This is based on director, Quentin Tarantino because he has a history of films where bloodshed is extremely prevalent and one could argue this is the auteur in the film.

This is a photo of the “Pussy Wagon,” a car that the bride steals from a hospital worker she kills. (

This photo shows that the film Kill Bill has aspects of feminist film theory. This is the scene where the bride wakes up in the hospital after the initial attack on her by the deadly viper squad, and realizes her unborn baby is killed and that the owner of the car, has been raping her and tries to let another man rape her. She ends up killing him and taking his keys, only to find out that he drives the “pussy wagon.” This is an extremely negative assessment of feminist film theory because none of the awful things that happened to the bride when she was in the hospital would’ve happened if she was not a woman. The actual name of the car itself is also a play on feminist theory.


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