Requiem for a Dream

This is an image of the montage shown in the film potraying the characters use of drugs. (

The film, Requiem for a Dream directed by Darren Arnonfsky,  portrays the day to day lives of two friends, who happen to be drug addicts. This specific photo shows the rhythmic editing montage used to portray the characters consumption of various drugs. This soviet montage is used to show the patterns of the two protagonists and their slow but sure unravel into legal, health, and moral issues. This photo shows the physical and emotional response of the drugs on the characters without actually showing the actors. It is also used to convey a long amount of time, maybe a couple hours to about a half day for the characters, but realistically is only a couple of minutes for the audience. Essentially this photo shows the beginning of the end for the majority of characters in this film. This is a foreshadow to the character of Marion when she sleeps with a man and does other sexual things for free drugs causing extreme emotional strife. This is a foreshadow to the characters of Harry and Tyrone in jail and to the suspenseful ending of Harry having to get his arm amputated from an infection from the needle’s entrance point. Essentially proving that with the habitual use of hard, addictive, drugs, nothing good ever happens.

This photo shows the climax of the mental unravel from the character of Sara Goldfarb. (

In this scene, the character Sara Goldfarb is having shock therapy done on her due to the extreme unravel of her mental state due to all of the pills the doctor was prescribing her for weight loss. She eventually loses her mind and this is portrayed using a multitude of montages. The camera pans from her taking a handful of multicolored pills, to her television screen and her obsession with a certain TV show she constantly watches. Eventually her hallucinations start to get worse and she imagines that the refrigerator is coming after her. This continuity style of editing shows Sara’s emotions and feelings and uses this to tell her story. This ultimate photo captures her physical pain due to the shock, but also her mental agony and how she got to this point. It is essentially a climax of all of the rhythmic soviet montages used to show this character.


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